Now 13,000 strong, and with members spanning generations and continents, the Les Roches alumni community is a priceless networking resource. Our alumni are a fascinating mix of high achievers who’ve gone on to forge careers and businesses around the world. They are living proof that a hospitality degree opens all the right doors.

“My education at Les Roches gave me the confidence to be bold and inventive with my ideas – it still does.”
Jose Fernandez Class of 2009

“It started out as a class project – now we’re expanding across Singapore and Bali.”
Sharon Lee & Javier Perez Class of 2005
Maria Ines Coma Cobar & Gabriela Gonzales Rubio Class of 2009

André Jardim Fernandes Caldeira Class of 2009

Radha Arora Class of 1982

Latest Les Roches Alumni news
Team Management is the Key to Success in Hospitality

Increasingly, it is becoming clear that one of the basic pillars for success in team management is the fact that the relationship between leaders and team members is based on trust. Our teams must see us as accessible and know that they have our support.

Some things are just ‘Too Good To Go’, Alumni Views with Ana Neno

A passion for making people feel happy was the perfect fit for Ana Neno in her current professional venture with Too Good To Go, an innovative hospitality start-up that inspires and empowers people to take action against food waste.

Hospitality is hospitality – for jet-setters and repatriation guests!

MBA alumnus Alan Kodzasov landed a job in 5* luxury… before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and his ‘customers’ transformed from…

From hospitality to luxury textile production – an alumni journey

Name: Pablo Oliveira Graduation: 1998  Nationality: Brazil Current Position: Founder, Creative Director & President of Nüage Designs   For years,…